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In developing countries, large numbers of people participate in the informal sector of the economy, running small farms, teashops and vegetable stands.  Micro-credit has been a successful intervention strategy, enabling many people to generate a sustainable income.  MASARD understands the importance of providing an accessible source of credit for people wishing to support themselves through small-scale businesses.  Thus, MASARD is currently engaged in several micro-credit projects.

Ecolight is a project developed by MASARD that helps street vendors run successful businesses.  MASARD has taken out a loan to buy 100 solar powered rechargeable lamps and distributed them to vendors in Bangalore .  MASARD ensures that the lamps are charged every day, serviced and distributed to the vendors on time for the start of business.

The vendors remit Rs. 15 per day for the use of the lamps.  Part of this fee is used to repay the loan raised by MASARD from the bank.  The remaining amount is put towards the maintenance of the orphanage at Ashanilaya. 

Ecolight is currently helping a small group of vendors and MASARD hopes to expand the project in the near future.

In addition to the street vendors, MASARD also helps communities of women in villages in Bagolur and surrounding villages establish small-scale enterprises, such as basket making and soap making, through the provision of solar powered lamps.