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MASARD (Mass-based Association for Social Service and Rural Development) is a Bangalore-based non-government organization (NGO) working to empower local communities by providing access to education, micro-credit enterprise, residential care for orphaned and destitute children, housing and infrastructure and many other facilities which enable local women, children and families to help themselves.

In order to continue our work, MASARD needs your help. There are a number of ways that You can get involved in MASARD. These include:

  • Making a donation toward the education, health and housing of the children at Ashanilaya orphanage.

  • Volunteering your time and expertise.

  • Supporting MASARD in your workplace by hosting one of our collection boxes or advertising our organisation through your notice board or intranet.

It is so simple. Just use your credit card and click button below to donate:

We have an open book accounting policy. At any point in time, you as a donor will have the privilege of checking our accounts to see how your funds are utilised. We spend 80 percent of total funds raised for social welfare purposes and 20 percent of total funds on administration costs, which includes staffing. All donors will be acknowledged in our newsletter

For further information on how you can get involved with MASARD please contact our office on +91-80-2558-5467 or email masard@masard.org

Your support will help provide a brighter future for orphaned and destitute women and children living in Bangalore’s slums.